The resources below include tools and approaches used by the VALOR initiative during a pilot introduction phase in Nigeria. These materials are intended to serve as informational resources for consideration and possible adaptation by partners working to increase uptake of HIV testing and care services among men.

VALOR VIP Training Work Flow 

The VALOR VIP training is designed to support the effective and consistent rollout of the pilot VALOR VIP virtual-navigation service. The workflow covers introduction, sensitization, implementation, and specialization. 

VALOR VIP Training Synopsis 

The VALOR VIP Training Synopsis contains an overview, methodology and structure, and post-training mentorship. 

VALOR Campaign Overview

The campaign overview summarizes the weekly Facebook paid advertising campaign during the six-week period where data is available. 

Standard Operating Procedures, VALOR VIP Virtual Client Navigation

A step-by-step, guide for the implementation of the VALOR VIP virtual client navigation service from initial set up, to implementation, and reporting. Includes the roles and responsibilities of the individuals involved in the implementation of VALOR VIP along with the detailed reporting and assessment of VALOR VIP services.