08: Measurement and key performance indicators
This section summarizes the results from Facebook advertising performance and preliminary referral results as reported by the VIP Guides.

  1. As of the time of this report, the campaign has been running for nine weeks and has spent slightly more than half the campaign budget (to date we have spent $1,280 on Facebook advertising, out of a total budget of $2,000).

We evaluated campaign performance with two sets of metrics. The first derived through Facebook data, tracking demand, and the second summarized through VIP Guide referral data.

The three metrics tracked through Facebook performance included:

  1. Reach: Did the Facebook campaign reach enough men who are likely to be HIV+?

  2. Interest: Through Facebook ads, did we captivate their interest such that they were absorbed by the content?

  3. Engagement: Did we engage them enough through the Facebook platform to want to connect with a VIP Guide?

We also included an additional engagement metric, which is based on VIP guide reporting, and indicates whether we were able to successfully connect men to a VIP Guide via WhatsApp. Finally, we also tracked the number of men who were referred and the number who accessed the referred services as measured by self reporting and to some extent referral verification from the health facility records. This data is summarized in the overall results snapshot table below.


Overall, the Facebook campaign has been successful in the first two metrics — reaching men and capturing their interest. We hypothesize opportunities to further improve interest, based on our analysis of each of the four ads that we have run to date. The campaign has been moderately successful in the third metric — engaging men to connect with a VIP Guide. However, we identified important learning and know what needs to be done to improve performance on this metric. For in-depth analysis of the measurement and key performance indicators, please refer to the full report.